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1 Sydney Place – Building Conservation

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Work on our new office is steaming ahead; seeing our plans come to life never gets dull! And of course, it’s great to be able to apply our architectural and design expertise to a project we’ll get to enjoy ourselves!

Working with a listed building can be very exciting – you never know what’s going to be revealed as you strip away the layers of alterations. In our case, there are very few original features back from before the bank was built in c.1870, but we’re doing our best to preserve the hidden gems we uncover.

Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to see more of the progress, and if you’re in the area, pop down and check out our hoarding!

Abu Dhabi Visit

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Luigi, Umberto, Stefania and Wendy have just returned from the Middle East, where they inspected the site of our Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court project.

Started in 2013, we’re delighted to announce this highly-specialised commissioning is in the final stages, and we can’t wait to unveil the project to the Crown Prince.